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December Photos
Quilts of Valor Presentation

Finished table Runners from Sharon's Mystery Runner Class in November

Show and tell by Dorothy and Colleen 

Photos from the Christmas Brunch

November Meeting Photos

October Guild Meeting Photos

Stunning quilt by Jan

Another beautiful quilt by Dorothy

Bev in her sewing glasser

These Quilts were made at the sewing day at Chadwick's back in August.  They are for St. Francis Hospital.

September Guild Meeting Photos

New member Jannette shared this quilt

Lisa hates applique, but she did a great job on this

Quilts of Valor presentation to Donald, a Korean war veteran


No Words of Thanks

This quilt is very very dear 
To my heart
Because each of you
Made a small part.
I am so blessed, indeed.
Daily came "baskets of hope"
In my darkest need.
The points don't point
And the seams don't align.
But that's just fine.
How imperfectly perfect
This quilt may be
My band of sisters 
Were there for me.
It was your prayers
That kept me together,
So for that
I am indebted forever.
Breast cancer is scary
To say the least,
But because of you
I was able to face that beast.
Diagnosed April 2018
End of treatments 2024



Photos from Charity Quilt Work Day at Chadwick's

These Quilts were made at the sewing day at Chadwick's show during October's meeting. They are for St. Francis Hospital.

August Guild Meeting Photos

July Guild Meeting Photos

Angels Program:

July Show and Tell:

Finished quilts from the June Program:

June Guild Meeting Photos

May Guild Meeting Photos


Colleen's giraffe

Donna B




April Guild Meeting

Completed "Sew Together Bags" from March meeting

Images of work by guest speaker Laura Gilmartin


Show and Tell




Jane R.


February Guild Meeting



Entries for the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival Guild Challenge 2018 Challenge Quilt


Show and Tell  

Photos from our guild trip to Millstone Fabrics

Photos from January 2018 Monthly Meeting

Show and Tell

Helen visited our meeting and showed a quilt she made in 1933

More antique quilts shown by members